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4 Factors That Will Influence the Cost of Your Denture Implants

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Missing or damaged teeth don't have to ruin your quality of life. Dental implants can restore your smile to a beautiful state and alleviate any complications you've been suffering from, including difficulty speaking, eating and sleeping. In short, denture implants are a smart long-term investment for a happier future — but how can you know how much that investment will be? While costs for denture implants vary from clinic to clinic and across different locations, these four factors will have the biggest influence on how much your procedure will cost. 

1. The number of implants

Unsurprisingly, the cost of your denture implants will be directly impacted by how many teeth you're looking to replace. Do you want a single implant, or are you hoping to replace an entire row of your teeth? Single tooth implants are cheaper individually, while a full top or bottom arch comes with a higher cost. That said, if you have several teeth that need replacing, you may find that a full arch is cheaper than multiple individual implants. 

2. The implant material

Another major factor that will influence the cost of your denture implants is the material used for your new set of teeth. Most dental implants these days are made from titanium, titanium alloy or zirconium oxide. A denture implant made from titanium is stronger and more resistant than other materials which will make it last longer, but this also means titanium comes with a higher price tag. For a more affordable option, you may want to opt for zirconium oxide denture implants. 

3. Your jaw health

Your own oral health also makes a difference to the cost of a denture implant procedure. If you have significant bone loss in your jaw, for example, you'll likely need additional procedures to correct the issue. For example, many dentists will recommend a sinus lift or bone graft before your implant surgery if you're suffering from jaw concerns. Overall, this will add additional costs onto your denture implant plans, so it's important to keep your oral health in mind and talk with your dentist about whether your jaw is ready for implants.

4. The tooth-making method

The prosthetic teeth that will be implanted in your mouth during the procedure are custom-made by professionals in a lab. As such, the cost of your implants will partly depend on the lab your clinic uses. Clinics that contract the services of external labs need to pay more for implants, which means the final cost for you will likely be higher too. On the other hand, if you choose a clinic with an in-house lab, they may be able to charge less for their services because they have fewer outgoing costs. To learn more about denture implants, contact a dentist.