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5 Possible Causes of Halitosis in Kids

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Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, is more common in adults than kids, but some children do suffer from this unpleasant condition. If your kid's breath has been stinky lately, here are some possible causes.

1. Poor Brushing Technique

Kids need to brush their teeth at least twice a day to keep them clean and healthy. Unfortunately, many kids are impatient and keen to move on from this task to a more fun activity. Use a timer or a song of the appropriate length to encourage your kids to brush for at least two minutes, as recommended by dentists, to ensure their teeth are fully clean.

2. Not Flossing

Kids find flossing even less fun than brushing their teeth, but it is an important part of a dental hygiene routine. Once your child has teeth that touch each other, they need to use string floss or an interdental brush to clean in between them. One way to encourage your kids to floss is to do it as a family activity.

3. Sinus Infection

A sinus infection is a common cause of bad breath in children. When bacteria infect the sinuses, they cause inflammation which blocks the nasal passages, which can lead to a bad smell developing. Other symptoms of sinus infection include a blocked nose, fatigue, and sometimes a headache. A doctor can diagnose the sinus infection and give your child antibiotics if necessary, which should clear up both the infection and the associated bad breath.

4. Tonsillitis

Another possible cause of bad breath in kids is tonsillitis. This common childhood infection affects the tonsils, which are structures that are located on either side of the throat, right at the back of the mouth. Healthy tonsils are smooth and pink, but ones that are infected are red, swollen, and sometimes covered in white spots. Take a look at your child's tonsils and ask them if they have a sore throat. If you suspect that your kid has tonsilitis, take them to a doctor.

5. Object Stuck Inside the Nose

Children often stick things up their noses, where they can begin to rot and even cause an infection. If your kid's breath suddenly turns sour, use a bright light to help you take a look up the child's nose. If you see an object, take the child to a doctor so they can safely remove it without causing injury to the nose.

A family dentist can help you determine the cause and solution for your child's bad breath.