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Discerning When It Is Time to Seek Denture Relines from Your Dentist

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Although there is a variety of tooth replacement solutions available, dentures remain one of the most popular options for several reasons. Arguably, the leading reason why dentures are still relevant is their affordability. When compared to dental implants and dental bridges, dentures are undoubtedly the most cost-effective option, and this makes them financially available to a majority of people. Secondly, new-age dentures not only look like your natural teeth but are incredibly comfortable, too, so patients do not feel awkward when wearing them.

However, the main reason why dentures are comfortable is the dental liner. This liner not only helps with securing the dentures in place but also acts as a buffer between the artificial teeth and your gums. When this liner wears off, it is vital to enlist denture relining services. So, how can you tell if it is time to see your dentist?

You are in constant pain

Contrary to popular belief, dentures should not cause you any pain. Admittedly, you will feel a bit of discomfort for the first few days as you are familiarizing yourself with the dentures, but this should not linger. Once your mouth feels accustomed to the dentures, you should not even be aware of their presence. Therefore, the moment you notice that you have been in pain for longer than a week, you should visit your dentist post haste.

Ill-fitting dentures will not only put pressure on your gums but may also elicit a sense of tightness that makes it uncomfortable for you to chew. Left unchecked, you could become vulnerable to mouth sores, and these can get infected, which will pose additional dental issues. Getting denture relines will not only relieve the pain you are in but will protect you from unnecessary oral complications.

You are having challenges chewing or speaking

While chewing and talking with your new dentures will feel unfamiliar at the beginning, this is normal and can be attributed to the fact that you are still getting accustomed to these prosthetics in your mouth. Hence, you should expect the awkward speech and chewing patterns to disappear after a few days. So, when these issues crop up after several months or years of using your dentures, you should be wary of the potential need for denture relining. Over time, there is the possibility of your jaw changing shape.

This transformation occurs due to a loss of bone density, which is caused by the lack of teeth. As a result, the dentures are unable to fit snugly on your gums, and this will lead to discomfort. On the other hand, when the dentures start to affect your speech, it could mean that these prosthetics are moving around, which will cause a spike in your saliva production. Both these issues would warrant a denture reline.

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