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Benefits of Professional Dental Aligners Over DIY Options

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An increasingly popular dental option for crooked teeth is to use straightening aligners. As these aligners became popular, companies began making DIY home-based options. If you have been tempted to buy one of these options, you should consider the benefits of going with professional aligners first. Here are a few of those benefits and what to know about each one. 

Accurate Fitting

The first thing a dentist will do when you decide on straightening aligners is to fit you. The fitting checks the sizing and measurement of your mouth. It also is done to check the teeth measurements as well. In many cases, an impression of your teeth, both top and bottom, will be done. The impression is used to make an accurately fitting set of aligners.

As the teeth straighten, new impressions may be done to fit the next set of aligners for your teeth. With a DIY option, this is not the case. One impression may be done, but it will be done by you and may have inaccuracies that lead to painful gums and mouth sores.

Emergency Dental Care

There may be some cases when a patient has an allergic reaction to the material of the aligners. You may also experience pain or discomfort that is not normal with the straightening treatment. If this is the case, you can make an appointment with your dentist or an after-hours appointment with their emergency referral service.

The aligners can then be replaced or adjusted, and other options can be discussed. With a DIY option, you may only be able to get into an emergency dentist, and they may not be able to assist you, causing the need to buy professional aligners anyway.

Digital Scans

In addition to the accurate impression fitting and emergency dental care for the straightening aligners, you also have access to digital scans at a dentist's office. These digital scans can show any potential problems before you get the straightening aligners. This preventative measure can help avoid issues that could cause bacterial issues, infections or other issues with your aligners. You do not have this option with a DIY aligner kit.

These are just a few of the benefits of using professional dental straightening aligners. If you are ready to move forward with this dental option, contact your local dentist office. They can schedule an appointment and discuss if aligners will work for you and what type of treatment plan is best for your needs.