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The Easiest Ways to Prevent Denture Breakages

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Whether you're new to wearing dentures or you're a long-time user, you probably already understand the benefits of keeping them intact. Although most sets will last without any major problems, that does depend on you taking good care of them. To prevent the need for denture repairs, try the following tips:

Adopt excellent handling techniques from the start

Whether you're clumsy or not, any implement that spends a reasonable amount of time in your mouth will exit it feeling slippery. As such, you should practice excellent handling techniques from the start. This can include doing these things:

  • Placing a folded towel beneath your hands while handling them to prevent cracks if you drop them.
  • Store them in a glass full of water as you sleep, but keep the glass in a place where you're unlikely to knock it while tired.
  • When handling your dentures, sit down to reduce the distance they have to fall if you drop them.

Make a mental note of how well they fit

Although your dentist will use the latest technologies to ensure your dentures are a good fit, there's still a chance they can become loose. If you start to notice that your dentures feel a little odd, question whether they're loose and moving around your mouth slightly. Loose dentures are at a greater risk of cracking than those that fit correctly. Additionally, they're more likely to cause abrasions to your gums. To prevent ongoing problems, go for a refitting and use a denture repair service if you notice any breaks in their structure.

Use storage techniques that match your dentures' materials

Although many people place their dentures in soaking solutions when they're not in use, this isn't beneficial for all storage materials. For example, if there are lots of metal components throughout your set, you may find that prolonged exposure to water weakens them. As such, you should ask your dentist for storage advice. They should direct you towards a suitable container, which you can use to strike the right balance between moist and strong dentures.

Avoid using DIY repair kits

If you do notice a small breakage or you feel as though your dentures no longer fit properly, avoid the use of DIY repair kits. There's a strong chance that you'll make the problem worse, which will result in needing to use a denture repair service anyway. Additionally, a DIY job could result in the need to request a repair that's more expensive than the original problem.