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Improving the Aesthetic of Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

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In this day and age, physical appearances are held at quite a high premium. This is why it should come as no surprise to find that more and more people are looking to alter their appearances to make them more attractive whether it is for career or personal reasons. If you are looking to make minor alterations to your appearance, you may want to start with your teeth. Considering that your smile is one of the first things people will see when they meet you, a smile makeover can considerably enhance your overall appeal. Below are some of the popular treatments that you could consider for both functional as well as aesthetic reasons.

Teeth whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, a significant number of people will opt for over-the-counter products since they are easy to use and cost effective. Nevertheless, these over the counter products are not designed to suit your individual needs. Therefore, you may find some people who end up using these products excessively, and this will damage their tooth enamel in the long run.

Cosmetic dentistry can provide safe whitening procedures. If you have severe staining, you would be better off opting for cosmetic whitening. Choosing to have the procedure conducted in-office ensures that you are receiving the right dosage of the bleaching agent. In-office whitening is also more likely to provide you with longevity when compared to over the counter options.


Another dental treatment that is quite popular in fixing tooth defects is dental crowns. Many cosmetic dentists prefer dental crowns as they are capable of remedying multiple tooth problems at once. For instance, if you have severely stained teeth that are not responding to tooth whitening, you can use dental crowns to camouflage the staining.

On the other hand, if you have developed tooth decay and need some parts of your tooth extracted, you can use a crown to cover up the eliminated parts of your tooth. Lastly, if your tooth has become weak due to chips or fractures and you would like to restore its structural integrity, a crown can be applied to secure the tooth. Overall, crowns are a convenient way to address several tooth problems simultaneously.


Fillings are one of the easiest procedures to remedy damaged teeth. This type of cosmetic procedure is typically carried out to camouflage the effects of advanced decaying in your teeth. The tooth decay can come about for a number of reasons ranging from poor oral hygiene to developing a bacterial infection. If you would prefer not getting the entire tooth extracted, the dentist can use fillings on the decayed areas of your tooth that have been scraped off.