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Protect your mouth with a custom sports mouthguard

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Whatever sport you play it is vital that you are adequately protected. Whether you need proper boots, a helmet or shin pads it's important that you invest in the right equipment to prevent injury while you are playing. One piece of protective equipment that is neglected by many athletes is the mouthguard. Some people make the mistake of associating mouthguards only with heavy contact sports such as boxing, but whether you are boxing or playing cricket, football, rugby or something that shouldn't really involve any contact at all it is always wise to take precautions.

Sports mouthguards help to prevent damage to your teeth, gums and the soft tissue areas around your mouth. Without a mouthguard, there is always the risk of oral injuries or broken teeth, but there are also less obvious risks to your neck or brain that could be caused by a heavy blow to the face. Why risk a concussion or worse when a good mouthguard could prevent or lessen the damage?

What type of sports mouthguards are available?

Many places will offer conventional sports mouthguards or even the "boil and bite" mouthguards for those that prefer a closer fit, but for the most effective fit and the greatest protection against injuries, there is nothing that can beat custom design sports mouthguards made by your local dentist.

How to get your mouthguard made

Before sports mouthguards can be produced by the dental laboratory, they will need access to moulds of your teeth. You will need to visit your dentist so that they can make the moulds of your teeth and send them to the dental laboratory before the mouthguard can be built. Once the work is done and your mouthguard is received back from the dental laboratory, you will be provided with appropriate care instructions and a protective case for storage. It is advisable to have your mouthguard examined at your routine check-ups to ensure that it continues to fit your teeth perfectly.

Personalised mouthguards

One of the advantages that comes with having a custom mouthguard created is that you can often have the mouthguard personalised to make it truly unique to you. When the dentist takes the impressions of your teeth, make sure to ask him how your mouthguard can reflect your character. You might opt to have your name marked on the mouthguard or to have it created in your national or team colours, or even with glitter if you prefer.

What you want most from your mouthguard is protection, and the best way to achieve that is with a custom-made sports mouthguard from your local dentist. Talk to your dentist today and find out how to protect your mouth from injury.