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How to Protect Your Teeth Every Day

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Human teeth are meant to be very strong, but they're not indestructible! Over the years and through misuse of your teeth, the protective surface of teeth can wear down, so they could eventually chip or suffer cavities. It might also be easier to break a tooth or have it get knocked from your mouth than you realize. To protect your teeth every day, note a few simple tips, and talk to your dentist about other suggestions he or she might have as well.

Back up and be careful

If you tend to drive with the seat pulled very close to the steering wheel, it's time to back up. Not only can an airbag cause injury during a collision, but hitting your mouth on the steering wheel can also damage your teeth. Do the same for any type of seating that isn't necessarily secure; if you have a rolling office chair, for example, replace it with something that isn't likely to come out from under you. At the very least, back up from the desk a few inches or centimetres to protect your teeth in case of a sudden fall.

Consider, too, how careful you are going up and down stairs. If you were to fall on a staircase, you could hit the front of your face and easily chip or lose a tooth. Take your time, use the handrail, and avoid carrying large or bulky objects when on the stairs to protect yourself from injury and to protect your teeth.

Get them straightened

If your teeth are crooked, or if you know that your teeth are always grinding against each other, you might think about having them straightened. Teeth that push against each other can wear down very easily, increasing to the risk of cracks and chips. Straightening teeth, especially if it's just a few that need attention, may be faster, cheaper and far less uncomfortable than you realize, so talk to a cosmetic dentist about your options.

Don't chew on anything other than food

Because teeth are not indestructible, you want to avoid using them for anything other than eating. This means no opening of cans with your teeth, and don't hold anything between your teeth to tear it open. Not only can you chip your teeth this way, but chemicals and other materials may linger on the teeth and cause damage to the enamel. Chewing tobacco and sugared gum can also cause damage because they're both so acidic, so avoid these as much as possible.