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Why You've Got to Get to Grips with Sugar for Your Ongoing Dental Health

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While the natural evolution of humans has meant overcoming a lot of health issues, this evolution has not been able to keep up with relatively recent and wholesale changes to the diet. In the modern era, this causes problems especially where artificial food like sugar comes into contact with teeth. What do you need to do in order to curb your addiction?

Public Enemy Number One

It's likely that sugar causes more visits to the dental office than any other reason. When the substance comes into contact with the teeth it causes a breakdown in the enamel and this can lead to all manner of problems. Yet sugar is prevalent in the diet and not too easy to give up.

You may think that you can identify sugar very easily, but it often goes by a variety of different names and is included in so many different products as an ingredient. Have a look at the label on any packaged product you get at the grocery store. Fructose, glucose, molasses, corn syrup and sucrose are just some of the names that sugar masquerades under.

It is unfortunate, but the majority of the population has a sugar addiction to some degree or another. Hopefully you can break your habit of adding sugar to a cup of tea or coffee, but try and work out a system where you gradually wean yourself off the product day by day, and follow the tips below to learn more about choosing healthier foods.

Start Off Right

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you'd be amazed at just how much sugar find its way into traditional breakfast cereals. Instead of opting for one of the dozens of prepackaged and heavily promoted cereal products, try making a smart breakfast with a natural product such as oatmeal together with a small helping of fruit.

Moderate the Fruit

While processed sugar is certainly the worst for your body in general as it can lead to inflammation as well as problems with your teeth, you do need to watch those natural sugars as well. Fruit is of course good for you, but even this natural sugar can cause dental issues. Keep eating fruit, but limit the amount.

Snack Happy

If you often get the urge to snack between meals, try stocking up the pantry with healthier snacks instead. All too often you may reach for a sugary product such as a biscuit or a chocolate bar, where you would be better off opening a packet of nuts.

Before Turning In

Finally, be particularly careful if tempted to eat any products containing sugar just before going to bed, as traces of sugar can work away at your enamel while you sleep. Make sure that you have maintained a balanced diet throughout the day and don't be tempted to 'stock up' just before turning the lights out.

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