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Are Your Dentures Giving You Oral Thrush?

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Oral thrush can have many medical causes. For example, you may get thrush after taking a course of antibiotics or if you're a bit run down and your immune system is under pressure. Oral thrush is also a common side effect of conditions such as diabetes and dry mouth syndrome. However, in some cases, your oral thrush may be caused by a dental problem, especially if you wear dentures. If you have false teeth and can't work out why you're getting thrush in your mouth or can't seem to get rid of the infection, it may be worth looking at your dentures and the way you care for them to see if they are at the root of the problem.

Do Your Dentures Fit Well?

If your dentures don't fit correctly, they may rub against your mouth and gums. As well as being generally uncomfortable, this rubbing may affect the structure of the soft tissues in your mouth. Over time, this may create the kind of environment that oral thrush bacteria can thrive in, and you may start to suffer from thrush infections.

If you are having problems with oral thrush and your dentures aren't a good fit, then make an appointment to see your dentist to have your dentures checked. Your dentist may be able to make them fit more comfortably by relining them by adding a layer of material to the denture base. If you have a really bad fit, you may need to bite the bullet and have a new set of dentures made.

Do You Take Your Dentures Out at Night?

While you can wear your dentures 24/7, it's best to take your false teeth out at night. If you wear your dentures every night while you're sleeping, you may be more likely to develop oral bacteria in your mouth that may lead to infections such as thrush. Taking your dentures out at night may reduce the risk of thrush infections, as well as giving your gums and mouth a chance to take a break from your false teeth.

How Good Is Your Cleaning Routine?

Keeping your dentures clean can go a long way to avoiding oral thrush infections. While you may not think that false teeth need as much of a clean as your natural teeth used to, dentures can still pick up bacteria that can cause oral infections.

It's a good idea to brush your dentures daily with a soft denture toothbrush to keep them clean; giving them a regular soak in a denture cleaning solution gives a deeper clean. Bear in mind that you should also be cleaning your gums as well as your dentures on a daily basis to help keep your mouth clean and free from bacteria.

If you are getting regular cases of oral thrush and can't work out why, it's worth talking to your dentist and your doctor to see if they can spot an underlying cause. Contact a company like Sydney Denture Clinic for more info.