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4 Exclusive Non-Implant Tooth Replacement Options

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Just lost all or some of your teeth? Don't panic. There is enough room for a replacement. However, if you do not want to go through a series of gum- numbing injections and hour long surgeries, below are a few non-implant teeth replacement options you can consider and have your dentist fit for you.

RPD (removable partial dentures) 

They can be used for both your upper and lower jaws. These dental plates usually have replacement teeth connected to a plastic base. The plate is then attached to existing teeth for support using some mental framework. It is mostly used for replacing weak teeth that cannot hold fixed dentures, or for severe cases of periodontal disease. RPDs are very affordable and convenient. However, they could affect your speech and hinder you from experiencing the full taste of food in your mouth, since they are made of plastic.

Maryland bridge

It is named after the University of Maryland, where it was developed and is also known as a resin bonded bridge, This bridge is mostly used for restoration of lost front teeth. What happens is that a false tooth is placed in the space where the tooth was lost and attached to adjacent teeth using white composite resin metal bands. The Maryland bridge has a better visual appearance than the former option. Moreover, it does not require grinding of teeth to fit the pontic. Apart from that, its main drawback is that the pontic has a lighter colour than the rest of teeth and may give you an inconsistent smile. Not to worry. This can always be fixed by fitting the false tooth with a translucent material.

Fixed bridge

This is the most common non-implant option out there. In this alternative, the existing adjacent teeth are trimmed down to create more space for the replacement tooth. They are then fitted with porcelain crowns onto which the pontic is bonded. This gives you a good tighter fit compared to the removable partial dentures. Nonetheless, since the false tooth is just plastic, it does not stimulate the growth of the underlying bone unlike in dental implants. In addition, the grinding of existing teeth also makes them weaker in the long run.

Removable complete denture

This one is best for replacing all teeth and is very good for the elderly. It is a well-designed plastic equipment with all teeth that fits onto your gums. One of its main advantages is that it is less costly than acquiring dental implants. However, they could be a bit uncomfortable to the mouth and cause you difficulty in eating.