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Dental Visits: 3 Non-surgical Dental Procedures to Restore Your Confidence

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Most people's self-confidence is ingrained in their appearance: their hair, weight and teeth play a vital role in how they perceive themselves. When you're hit with misshapen or discoloured teeth, chances are you'd rather stay at home than head out on a date. Instead of moping around, it may be time to discuss your options with your dentist. Here are some non-surgical cosmetic dental procedures that can help you restore your confidence in no time.


Bleaching is perhaps the easiest way to mitigate or eliminate unsightly stains on the teeth. Staining can occur from time to time because of general wear from food consumption or improper brushing techniques. During bleaching, your dentist will use a special machine and whitening chemicals to give you the shade of white you desire. You may be advised not to consume anything for a short time to prevent sensitivity and re-staining. Bleaching is an excellent non-surgical treatment that provides fast results without hurting you or requiring any recovery time. Your confidence in your appearance will be restored almost instantly when you see your set of brand new pearly whites.

Reshaping and Contouring

Bleaching handles your discolouration, but reshaping and contouring can repair the structural problems of your teeth. During contouring, the dentist gently removes ragged and chipped areas. The dentist will remove a small part of the tooth enamel with a drill. Once the tooth imperfection has been rectified, the dentist will apply a coat of polish for a smooth finish.

The treatment makes teeth look visibly more appealing, as they fit better with other teeth. Reshaping and contouring are non-surgical procedures that offer the most noticeable improvement in your teeth alignment and shape. By correcting those imperfections in your teeth, your confidence will be back instantly.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are special caps made of metal, ceramic or dental composite and are used to fix broken or misshapen teeth. They are moulded to fit the exact shape of an existing tooth. Dental crowns are usually fitted to misshapen or fractured teeth to conserve normal tooth structure and functionality.

They cover up broken tooth surfaces to restore your bite and can redistribute any tooth stress to eliminate the pain. A dental crown helps to fix the natural aesthetics of teeth and improve their functionality, helping you restore your bright smile and even your confidence. You'll feel so much better when you're not covering up your broken teeth.

Technological advancements in dentistry have made these treatments easy and efficient without causing you too much pain to help restore your confidence in your appearance.