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Key Roles of Immediate Dentures

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Missing teeth come with various disadvantages that affect one's quality of life. For example, you cannot eat foods you enjoy, smiling is no longer comfortable, and your facial muscles begin to sag over time, giving you an aged look. Dentures are one of the best solutions to replace missing pearly whites. That said, it is essential to note that dentures, whether complete or partial, take time to make. Thus, a dentist might offer you immediate dentures as you wait. Although temporary, immediate dentures play an integral role. Read on to find out.

Protect Tissues at Sensitive Extraction Sites — When you go for implant anchored dentures, a dentist must first prepare and drill the site where the titanium anchors will go. However, a dentist does not insert the dentures immediately because an extraction site must heal. Notably, it is easy for the tongue and foods to irritate implant sites during the period, prolonging the healing period. Thus, dentists use immediate or temporary dentures to cover extraction sites and protect them from irritation. Fundamentally, immediate or same-day dentures act as bandages that keep teeth extraction sites clean and bleeding-free, speeding the healing process.

Maintain Speech — Most people do not know that teeth are integral in speech. For instance, people with space between their upper and lower front teeth easily develop a lisp. It means that missing teeth can cause incorrect tongue placement in the mouth, leading to speech problems. Therefore, you might develop speech problems that are difficult to reverse if you remain without teeth for a long time. It can happen during the normal waiting period for conventional dentures. Therefore, dentists offer immediate dentures as patients wait for complete or partial dentures. They help patients maintain speech and eliminate the need to learn how to speak with conventional dentures.

Preparation for Denture Usage — Getting used to dentures takes quite some time for most patients, especially those that have had missing teeth for a long time. It is normal, thanks to the thick material that attaches to the palette. For example, some people struggle to chew with dentures, while others find speaking with the device a real frustration. The reason is that being without teeth for long periods alters your oral habits, and restoring them with dentures needs getting used to. Same-day dentures eliminate the need to learn how to use conventional dentures once a dentist installs them. It is advantageous because you continue living your life like you never had missing teeth before.

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