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Denture Dilemma: When Your Dentures No Longer Fit as Well as They Used To

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While your dentures are detachable, and indeed, might spend the evening soaking in a cleaning solution, they are still a part of you. This is why it can be a little disconcerting when it seems like they in fact no longer want to be a part of you. What can cause your dentures to no longer fit as well as they used to? And what can you do about it?

Changes to Your Mouth

Your body changes as you age. This is hardly news. Though subtle and gradual, your mouth also changes with age, namely in the form of a very slight gum recession. It's these changes that can make dentures that once slotted snugly into place seem to feel loose.

Noticeable Change to Your Dentures

You will slowly become aware of your dentures no longer fitting as well as they used to. There might be a slight clicking noise as your dentures slip while you eat and speak. You are also likely to feel them shift in your mouth, however minimal the movement is.

Reliance on Denture Adhesive

There's also the possibility that you might have become reliant on the daily use of a denture adhesive to secure your dentures. These products certainly have a use, but they should be more of an occasional assistance rather than something that needs to be consistently used in conjunction with your dentures. So while this situation can be frustrating and potentially embarrassing, what can you do about it?


It's unlikely that you will need an entire new set of dentures, and some very minor denture repairs can fix the issue. Your dentures will need to be relined, wherein an additional coating of acrylic resin is applied to the base of your dentures (the pink section to which the prosthetic teeth have been attached). This simple process compensates for the changes in your mouth and will have your dentures fitting as well as the day when you first got them.


When denture relining is necessary, have a word with your dentist about the turnaround time. Perhaps it can be done on the day, although in some cases your dentures might be sent off site for the process. You will of course need to know if you need to get by without your dentures for a short period of time, allowing you to schedule any professional or social commitments around the relining.

You really don't need to deal with ill-fitting dentures when denture repairs are so efficient and simple.