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The No Job Woes: 2 Ways To Ensure Unemployment Doesn't Affect Your Teeth

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There are a lot of things to consider when you are unemployed, but the effect this situation has on your dental health is probably the last thing on your mind. Now that you have been out of work for a few months, the toil and stress of applying for jobs is starting to show. There are several ways unemployment can affect your mouth, so it is now timely to recognise which ones are happening to you.

Unemployment blues

After the first month of applying for jobs and not getting as many interviews as you would expect to, it is not uncommon for unemployment blues to start creeping in. Many people who become long-term unemployed lose motivation to get out of bed, shower or mingle with friends. This lack of desire to attend to daily grooming duties often extends to not brushing their teeth.

Not brushing your teeth daily has an immediate effect on your teeth and your breath. Bacteria in your mouth feed on food particles not removed by brushing. The bacteria create plaque which attacks your teeth and causes decay. Additionally, the bacteria in your mouth cause bad breath, which is not going to help you out when you do get an interview.

Not showering daily is not going to do your body major harm, but do stick a toothbrush in your mouth twice a day and give your teeth a good clean to keep the bacteria at bay.

Grinding teeth

During times of stress, it is not unusual to grind your teeth when frustration levels rise. Some teeth grinders are not even aware that they are doing it because it happens while they are asleep. This condition is known as bruxism, and one of the main indicators it is happening is when you wake up each morning with a sore jaw or tender teeth.

It is important you make an appointment with your dentist when you suspect you grind your teeth so they can check for any enamel damage. When enamel wears away, stress cracks appear in the teeth. These cracks can lead to tooth loss.

Finally, it is not uncommon to turn to comfort foods during unemployment as a way to soothe the emotional low you are feeling. The problem is that sugary foods and drinks feed bacteria in the mouth who like to attack your gums and teeth. It is critically important that you keep up your regular dental visit schedule during your time of unemployment so that the stress you are experiencing does not have lasting dental ramifications.