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Storing Dentures in Water – Why Is It Necessary?

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A full or partial set of dentures can replace your missing teeth and help restore your beautiful smile. However, unlike most dental restorations, dentures are removable; therefore, proper care and maintenance is crucial for preserving them. Among the key maintenance issues that you may be faced with is storing your dentures at night. Many denture wearers never see the need of storing these valuable restorations in water after removing them. However, there are various benefits that you can get from storing your dentures in water, and here are some of them.

Prevents warping and deformation

Dentures are made from a plastic material that absorbs moisture to maintain their shape. However, when you remove them and leave them on the counter at night, they can easily dry out. Dry dentures are vulnerable to warping and deforming, and they may even fail to fit you. When this happens, you may be forced to get a new set of dentures. However, by leaving them in water during the night, they are able to maintain the moisture and remain in good shape.

Protects dentures from damage

There are numerous instances when dentures left on countertops are knocked down and broken. Sometimes, dogs can even eat dentures have been left lying around. By leaving your dentures in a jar of water, you protect them from damage as a result of being dropped. People will tend to notice them better if they are placed in a jar rather than on a countertop in your bathroom or beside the bed. For this reason, they will exercise care to prevent knocking over the jar.

Facilitates regular cleaning

Failure to clean your dentures regularly can lead to dirt buildup and expose them to bacteria. Dirty dentures can lead to health and dental issues if the bacteria find their way in your mouth. Storing your dentures in water will make you proactive about cleaning them. In fact, you can even give them the regular overnight soak in a jar of water and clean them thoroughly in the morning. Clean dentures can not only improve your confidence, but they will also prevent exposure to harmful bacteria that can get you sick.

Allows easy access

Have you tried looking for something in your house, but can't remember where you left it? Imagine the same happening with your dentures on a busy morning when you're running late for a meeting or appointment. This can happen if you don't have a particular way or place in which you store your dentures. However, if you store them in a water jar every night, you will have no problem remembering where you placed them.

It is evident that storing your dentures in water can be quite beneficial and convenient for you. Dentures are an investment in your dental health, and you should care for them to avoid unnecessary replacements.