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4 Advantages of Removable Braces

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If you have misaligned teeth, you don't need to wear braces all the time in order to fix the problem. Removable braces or trays are a great option for many people. If you are considering braces, here are some benefits of the removable option.

You can remove them when you need to

If you have a job which requires you to attend meetings or deliver presentations with customers and clients, you should consider removable braces. They are also useful if you want to pose for family photographs. If you opt for metal permanent braces, you are stuck with them no matter what you need to do. Braces can sometimes affect your confidence if you need to attend job interviews or if you are attending social events. Removable braces can boost your confidence in these situations. 

You can clean your braces easily

One problem with permanent braces is that they are difficult to clean because of the various brackets and wires which are attached to your teeth. It is very easy for food particles to become trapped within permanent braces, leading to tooth decay and bad breath. No matter how well you clean your permanent braces, it is inevitable that you will miss certain spots. With removable braces, you can easily clean every surface of your braces before soaking them overnight. You can also clean your teeth and gums. This will reduce problems such as bad breath and tooth decay.

Removable braces are less painful when compared to permanent braces

Permanent braces which use brackets and wires can cause a great deal of pain, as they require frequent tightening in order to push and pull your teeth into the correct position. However, removable braces are generally gentler on your teeth and gums because they help to disperse the pressure of any adjustment across the entire brace, as opposed to having a thin wire apply intense pressure to your teeth. This makes the tightening process much less painful.

You can remove them at night

The pain caused by permanent braces can keep some people awake at night. Being able to remove your braces at night can help you to get a good night's sleep and easily reinsert your braces in the morning.

If you are considering braces and need further advice about the best options available, including removable braces or trays, then you should contact your dentist for more information and assistance.