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Foods You Need to Avoid Eating If You've Got Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns rank as one of the most common cosmetic treatments in the dental industry. These are simply caps shaped like your tooth and are fitted either permanently or temporarily on your gums. They can go a long way in covering an implant, replacing a tooth, restoring a damaged tooth and even getting your smile to its original standards. But as with every dental procedure, there are rules to follow. Dental crowns can last a lifetime, but that's only if you watch the foods you eat. If you've recently had such a procedure, or you're about to, then here are some foods you should keep away from.

Sugary and Sticky Foods

Sugary drinks and foods are a known enemy to teeth. Even after a dental crown is implanted, the underlying teeth are still susceptible to tooth decay and leaving sugar creates a safe haven for bacteria. So ensure you keep snacking to a minimum. Also remember to brush immediately after such meals.

Sticky foods are also a bad idea. Foods like jelly beans, caramels and candy could pull off the temporary crown (placed on by your dentist to protect your tooth until the lab manufactures your permanent crown) from the tooth. Avoid chewing gum as this may also loosen the dental crown.

Hard Foods

This is particularly important if you've got a temporary crown. Such dental crowns are usually designed with acrylic, and this material isn't as strong as metal or porcelain. So when chewing, learn to use the side of the mouth without the crown. That way, you'll protect it from the mechanical damage.

Hard candies and crunchy foods are also a bad idea. Nuts and carrots, for instance, may need a lot of heavy chewing before swallowing and this may loosen the crown. In worst cases, they can even crack it.

Cold Meals

Cold beverages and meals may lead to severe pain immediately after you take them. Ice cream, cold drinks and ice tea for instance need to be avoided. If you've got recessed gums, then the pain would be even worse, because your roots are well exposed. However, these drinks don't really harm your crown, and if you really have to take them, then use toothpaste designed exclusively for sensitive teeth. They will numb the tooth and prevent pain signals from reaching the nerves.

Hot Drinks

Just as with cold foods, hot meals don't really do any damage to the crown. However, you may be forced to abandon them, because they lead to discomfort in and around areas around the crown. However, if you experience any swelling or severe pain, then head back to your dentist for a replacement or resize of the crown.