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Special Occasion Ahead: 3 Things To Know About Short-Term Braces

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With summer around the corner, wedding season is not too far on the horizon. Whether you are the bride or an important guest, wedding season means lots of upcoming photos. As someone with crooked teeth, you know photos mean awkward situations where you just don't want to smile. You do have options for making your next photo opportunity a lot more positive, but you have to take action now.

Why Fix Crooked Teeth?

Not only do crooked teeth make you feel self-conscious about smiling, they are also contributing to other oral problems you are experiencing. Crooked teeth can:

  • Make chewing correctly difficult
  • Put a strain on the jaw as it can't rest in place without an overbite occurring
  • Make it harder to fully clean your teeth, which may lead to decay and cavities

What Are Short-Term Braces?

Previously, when adults used braces to straighten their teeth, the braces were worn for up to two years. Short-term braces still use braces to straighten the teeth, but good results can be achieved in two to six months.

Short-term braces are not used to make all your teeth perfect. Instead, it is an option for making changes to the front six to eight teeth in your mouth. As these are the most visible teeth when you smile, it will give you the confidence you need during photos.

How Do Short-Term Braces Work?

When the braces were worn for a year or more, the wires on the braces were tightened at regular intervals. Each time the wires were tightened, the teeth would slowly move to their new position. With short-term braces, a low-force method is used to move the teeth.

The low-force method allows the teeth to move continuously into their new position, rather than moving under heavy pressure when they are tightened and then sitting still until the next time the dentist tightens the wire.

Can Short-Term Braces Fix All Teeth Problems?

Short-term braces are great for straightening crooked teeth, but they do not fix dental problems such as overbites. However, after you have completed your short-term brace period and the wedding is over, you can discuss longer-term options with your dentist since you are already down the path to achieving completely brilliant teeth.

Your dentist can discuss options for shifting your jaw slightly until the overbite is eliminated.

Don't be the person hiding at the back of the group when the wedding photos are being done because you don't want anybody to see your crooked teeth. Instead, make an appointment with a dentist at a clinic like Macquarie Dental to see what short-term braces options are available to you. You would be amazed at what changes can be achieved in a very short period of time.